High-tech competition sailing boats create a new trend.

To increase performance and speed in competition, these boats changed from classic rigging to wing sails.

Lanitz Aviation, the world’s leading manufacturer of ready-to-fly aircraft fabric, which requires no dope or paint, is supplying the matching sail cloth material for these activities.

The material is available in three different grades:

  1. First grade: “ORATEX® UL600 XXL light” is transparent and has a width of 3.1 meters.
  2. Second grade: “ORATEX® UL600”, available in 1.8 meters width and in 17 different colours, including transparent, which is optically the same colour as the ORATEX® UL600 XXL material.
  3. Third grade: “ORATEX® 6000” available in a width of 1.8 meters is used on heavy passenger aircraft with a take-off up to 6000 kg weight. It is available in 14 different colours.

The application of ORATEX® fabric is very simple. Two layers of adhesive are applied to both, the structure and the fabric, then these two layers are joined by heat. After that, heat is applied to shrink the fabric tight.

Once this process is completed, the sail wing is ready to be installed on the boat and ready for hot maritime racing.


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