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Covering an Antonov AN 2 landing flap with the ORATEX WET system

ORATEX WET now also for the Antonov AN 2!

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With our new ORATEX WET covering system, the AN 2 can also be covered and then painted as desired.

In the video we show you all working steps on an AN 2 landing flap.

It could not be easier!


New STC upgrade for ORATEX.

Lifetime now without restrictions.

Lifetime is destruction-free tested with the approved MALTE TESTER. ROBIN UNSTITCHED is now approved by an STC.

The same applies for all UNSTITCHED SCHLEICHER GLIDERS in the presently valid AML. It is our goal, to widely extend the “UNSTITCHED DESIGN CHANGE” to all applicable aircraft of the General Aviation.

This contains the STC upgrade for all annex II aircraft. The annex I list, which is governed nationally by the LBA in Braunschweig, will be published after validation by the LBA.

You'll find those STC here.


ORATEX Application Manual version 8 now available


C42 ORATEX conversion entered in the equipment data sheet

The ORATEX conversion of the C42 (as well as the C22) is now also entered in the equipment data sheet No further approval is required for approval. 

We load all C42 types at 540-560 kg. A 600 kg version with fuselage design change (e.g. single seats, extended footwell) is in preparation. 

The following series are included: C 42, C 42 A, C 42 B, C 42 C, C 42 E, C 42 CS

You can find the device data sheets on our website under device data sheets

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