Certificate of Airworthiness issued for C42 with Lanitz Aviation Design Change

The 24th of August 2019 was the day for the C42 of the AERO-Club-Gotha, with the registration D-MSPZ, to perform the acceptance flight for the installed LANITZ AVIATION Design Change:

Michael Bätz, Type Certification Manager of the Luftsportgeräte Büro, did not miss the opportunity to personally carry out the acceptance flight by himself with the first C42 equipped with the LANITZ AVIATION Design Change and covered with ORATEX 6000. As expected, the flight was excellent and the aircraft fully met all expectations.

In the LANITZ AVIATION Design Change, the original aluminium ribs are replaced with rigidly glued wooden ribs, and all flaps, control surfaces and tailplane parts are reinforced. The LANITZ AVIATION Design Change is designed for higher loads, but is currently limited to 472.5 kg due to the certification of the aircraft.

Mr. Hannemann from Comco also put the aircraft through its paces during a test flight on Monday, August 26. The landing was made with the engine stopped in order to evaluate the gliding characteristics. After the flight he was enthusiastic about the performance of the ORATEX C42.

The C42 of the AERO-Club-Gotha can now be used by Lanitz Aviation customers for test flights. Please call us for an appointment: 0049 341 44 23 050.

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