NEW CATALOGUE Produktinformation 2024

Our 32-page Lanitz Aviation product information was published just in time for AERO 2024.

In it you will find detailed information about the LANITZ AVIATION DESIGN CHANGE, which is available for more and more aircraft, e.g. for Jodel, Robin, Piper, Pitts, CarbonCub, Superstol, Savage, Starduster, Maule, Rans, Husky, Kitfox, C22, C42. We also present the ORATEX repair tape for Schleicher aircraft according to EASA-AD 2021-0230.

Of course, the product brochure also contains all the information on ORATEX and ORATEX WET aircraft fabric as well as EASYPLOT plotter films, ORALINE decorative strips, ORATRIM decorative film and an overview of our accessories.

You can already take a look at the new product information here.

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