The great change for all fabric covered Jodel / Robin models

Never before has an aircraft fabric manufacturer revolutionized the fabric covering technology of existing aircraft types so much!


From now on, all Robin DR-100 (1050), DR-200, DR-300 and DR-400 can be covered with ORATEX® 6000 without rib-stitching thanks to the new "Design Change" from Lanitz Aviation. The same applies to the Jodel models D-11, D-120, D-112, D-128, D-140, D-150, D-117 and D-1190-S models and all approved series.

The "Design Change" process is approved by the LBA and EASA via STC (supplementel type certificate). This process directly changes the structure of the aircraft: The bracing tapes are omitted and cap-strips are installed on the top and the bottom of the ribs, joining elements to be installed connect the front and the rear part of the cap-strips to the structure. Now the cap-strips reinforce and stiffen the ribs and homogeneously guide the lift of the fabric into the whole rib surface and into the structure.

The point introduction of the lift via the rib-stiching points is therefore obsolete. The "Design Change" also eliminates the need for reinforcing tapes and cover tapes, which are mandatory for rib-stiching. This guarantees an absolutly clean airflow over the wing surfaces. There is no better aerodynamical solution.

Image: Robin DR-400 - Lanitz Aviation Design Change - covered with ORATEX 6000 unstitched - painted bonnet

Image: Robin DR-400 - Lanitz Aviation Design Change - covered with ORATEX 6000 unstitched including bonnet

To use the "Design Change", you purchase from Lanitz Aviation the "Original Robin conversion kit with Form 1", which you can also install by yourself depending on your maintenance program.

After the installation of the wooden parts has been approved by the inspector, you continue with ORATEX® 6000 following the standard installation process. With this technology, you save 30-40 man-hours, which had been necessary for the application of the bracing and reinforcing tapes, the rib-stitching tapes and the application of the cover tapes.

Of course, this technology can also be implemented in all amateur and experimental fabric covered aircraft. The first Carbon Cub with the "Lanitz Aviation Design Change" is already flying in the USA. This procedure has also been implemented in the Microlight scene, for example with aircraft such as the Comco Ikarus C22 and C42, Savage Cruiser, Savage Classic, Bobber, Just Aircraft and so on.

Image: The first unstitched Carbon Cub with Lanitz Aviation Design Change in the USA

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the Lanitz Aviation Design Change into your aircraft, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know how to do it, safely and legally.

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